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A brown and white beagle being seen by veterinarian in blue uniform

About Us

Exterior of Emergency and Referral Veterinary Center

Our History

For over 20 years, our clinic has provided our residents and their cats and dogs with quality emergency pet care services when their regular veterinarians are not available. The Valley Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center currently supports more than 50 veterinary professionals in the area.

The Valley Emergency Veterinary Clinic (VVERC) was the vision of 19 local veterinarians. This group of veterinarians wanted to provide the highest level of care to their clients' pets. The emergency clinic idea was born, and VVERC opened in April of 1998.

dog and cat sitting on a table with a doctor

In July of 2005, Veterinary Surgical Center (VSC) made VVERC their permanent location in Winchester, offering specialty surgical services to referring veterinarians. VSC is available for consultations and a variety of surgeries; orthopedic, soft tissue, and neurology. VVERC also provides post-surgical care.

On April 3rd, 2006, VVERC became a 24-hour facility. The clinic is presently staffed with five full-time veterinarians and many licensed veterinary technicians, assistants, and receptionists. Everyone is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care.

In October of 2010, Valley Veterinary Emergency & Referral Center opened the doors to a new state of the art emergency and specialty referral center in Winchester, Virginia. Our center is the first of its kind in our area, providing the best veterinary care for your pets.